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Getting Paid
- Worked on videos for A, and finished up all the videos for the first
speaker! Two speakers to go.

Hours worked: 2.5
Total hours this week: 2.5

Being Productive
- Emailed five profs for advice about graduate school.
- Took care of some administrative details for grad school.

Cleaning: none.
Read All The Things: 87 / 91. As anticipated, it's feeling really good to
go through Shakespeare!

Having Fun
- Caught up on Strip Search.

Eating Properly
- 10am: a tiny bit of leftover bread pudding.
- 1pm: veggie sandwiches courtesy of my pal, half a cookie.
- 3pm: figgy graze snack.
- 5pm: berries and nuts.
- 7pm: oatmeal, tea with milk and sugar.
- 9pm: more veggie sandwich.

Good Food Days: 10! I think when I hit 14 I'll rest on my laurels a bit.

Woke up: 9am

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