Feb. 14th, 2013

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Well! Now that I am terrifyingly adrift, living by my wits as a freelancer, let's see if this will help me stay accountable to myself.

Making Money
- 3 hours of transcription: $45. Finished this project!
- 1 hour website design touch-ups: $20. Got it looking good enough for the meeting tomorrow! Really glad I took the time to do a cosmetic overhaul, instead of bringing in the structurally-complete but awkwardly lavender draft that I had from yesterday.

Living the Good Life
- Watched Downton Abbey: another good episode!
- Finally finished playing Counterfeit Monkey. Resisted the impulse to immediately play all of Emily Short's other games.
- Caught up with Ze Frank's videos. Rewatched the Invocation.

Eating Properly
- 11am: large bowl of grits.
- 6pm: peanut butter cookie, tea with milk and sugar.
- 9pm: tea with milk and sugar, a heart-shaped chocolate from my sugarplum.
- 2am: three burritos, corn.

Woke up: 10:20am
Bedtime: 2:45am

Thoughts: Wow, this was not a good food day. I finally got home from the library, like, 'I have to eat something really great to make up for how shitty my eating has been all day,' and my answer was... burritos. But I went grocery shopping and bought cheese and frozen fish and suchlike so I can hopefully start eating better in the future. And work-wise today was pretty good, I accomplished the goals I needed to accomplish while still having a pleasant morning with time to do fun things. Tomorrow, the office!

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