Feb. 15th, 2013

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Well, that was pretty useful! Let's do it again!

Making Money
- Drove housemate to the airport: $20. And a donut!
- 3 hours at the office: $45.
- 30min web design: $10.

Living the Good Life
- Finally finished The Mysteries of Udolpho!!
- Spent several hours hanging out with Alex and kindasorta working on her awesome wedding website (but mostly hanging out).
- Skype movie date with my turtledove!

Eating Properly
- 10am: oatmeal (made with milk!) with raisins and brown sugar, tea with milk and sugar. And the donut!
- 2pm: cheese sandwich (brought from home!), grape juice.
- 6pm: tilapia, frozen fruit, tall glass of chocolate milk.
- 7pm: tea and baklava.
- 10:30: frozen yoghurt! Cake batter flavour, with brownie bits and caramel.

Woke up: 8:30am
Bedtime: 3am? ish?

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