Feb. 17th, 2013

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Making Money
- Today is the weekend, and I am taking the weekend off! So there!

Living the Good Life
- Started listening to The Secret Garden.
- Had a whole afternoon with my sugarplum! Went shopping for interview
clothes in which she looked adorable, stopped by Godiva for my free
chocolate and discovered that I had a $10 coupon, got takeout and cuddled
and watched Elementary together.
- Re-read some favourite fics.
- Started playing another game by Emily Short, called First Draft of the
- Watched Foyle's War with my turtledove.

Eating Properly
- 12pm: eggy in a basket (x2), chocolate milk, a fried egg.
- 4pm: chocolate-dipped strawberry, caramel, free samples of tea.
- 5pm: sesame beef with rice, thai iced tea.
- 10pm: the rest of the sesame beef, tea with milk and sugar (x4).

Woke up: 11:45am
Bedtime: 2am

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