Feb. 18th, 2013

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Making Money
- It's still the weekend!

Living the Good Life
- Finished First Draft of the Revolution-- shorter than I'd expected, and
with less control over the outcome, but still interesting.
- Visited M to get footage for a project, and to hang out and watch the
Downton Abbey christmas special. Another great episode, but must it always
toy with my heart?
- Called mum and had a nice chat.
- Listened to a little more of The Secret Garden, then started the podfic
of A Deeper Season. (Also, did laundry!)

Eating Properly
- 12pm: bowl of oatmeal (made with milk).
- 2pm: string cheese.
- 4pm: beef and broccoli with rice, spring rolls, and sweet dumplings.
- 10:30pm: three chocolate-chip pancakes, two slices french toast, tea.

Woke up: 12pm
Bedtime: 1:30am

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