Feb. 20th, 2013

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- 7 hours at the office: $105. Just about exactly halfway through the
B-roll for the history video. Nice and productive! Though it helps that
several of those hours were me being paid to celebrate my birthday.

Living the Good Life
- My boss took me out to an incredible lunch, and THEN there was a surprise
gathering with cake! They put a candle in my dessert at lunch, too, so I
got to make two birthday wishes.
- My mum sent me an adorable birthday e-card, and it uses a dudely photo of
me in its gimmick.
- All the facebook birthday wishes keep making me smile. It's nice to have
so many lovely people in my life.
- My dad called me to wish me a happy birthday!
- My little brother called me to wish me a happy birthday!
- For my birthday, my baby brother got me HARVEST MOON! I created a little
gay transdude, like always, and I think I'm gonna woo the fabulous

Eating Properly
- 11:30am: salad with sweet potato, goat cheese, and candied pecans; ribeye
steak with onion rings, fingerling potatoes, and greens; butterscotch
- 1pm: tiny slice of birthday cake.
- 7:30pm: roast beef and cheese sandwich, tea with milk and sugar,
- 1am: two burritos, large slice of cake.

Woke up: 10:30am
Bedtime: 3am

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