Feb. 21st, 2013

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Making Money
- I... worked on my professional website for like 20 minutes?

Living the Good Life
- Watched Metadating episode 7.
- Went to afternoon tea with my sugarplum! Then Elementary.
- Actually cleaned the kitchen, FINALLY. It's so much better now.
- Watched Foyle's War with my turtledove. The episode where the Doctor and
Madame du Pompadour

Eating Properly
- 12pm: glass of chocolate milk.
- 3:30pm: afternoon tea!! Lots of little sandwiches, hors d'ouvres, and
pastries, plus birthday cake and ice cream, plus scones. Not to mention all
the tea!
- 8:30pm: leftover cake and scones.
- 9pm: pizza!

Woke up: 12pm
Bedtime: 4am

Thoughts: getting rejected from Cornell first thing in the morning got the
day off to a rough start, but spending time with my sweeties made me feel
better, and cleaning the kitchen should improve my quality of life going
forward. And tomorrow I have a big work day with Alex and I'll get a lot
done, and it'll be great!

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