Feb. 27th, 2013

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Making Money
- At the office for 9 hours (though I was so distracted for much of it I
feel I should only bill 7): $105 to $135, depending on my scruples.

Living the Good Life
- Accepted to Victoria!!!
- I am going to be IN SCHOOL this time next year, and OUT OF AMERICA! Does
anything more need to happen for it to be a great day?
- Watched an episode of Ouran with with turtledove right before bed.

Eating Properly
- 11:30am: glass of chocolate milk. Shortly thereafter, a chocolate from my
- 1pm: orange juice.
- 4pm: small slice of very delicious cake, tea.
- 6:30pm: string cheese, 'pure vitality' graze snack.
- 10pm: roast beef and cheese sandwich.

Woke up: 11am
Bedtime: 12am

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