Feb. 28th, 2013

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Making Money
- 4 hours at the restaurant: $32. (UGH.)
- 3 hours at the office: $45.
- Applied to a summer teaching job.

Living the Good Life
- Stumbled upon some scholars who had just cooked a huge dinner and
chitchatted with them a bit.
- Accepted to Toronto! They don't fund MAs, but it's nice to feel wanted.
- Watched Ouran and Foyle's War with my turtledove.

Eating Properly
- 12pm: 'orange and ginger flapjack' graze snack.
- 1:30pm: iced tea with milk and sugar.
- 3pm: iced tea with milk and sugar.
- 6pm: turkey club sandwich, macaroni and cheese.
- 7:30pm: delicious lima bean and corn thing, yams, bread pudding.
- 11pm: salad with mango, tea with milk and sugar, bread pudding.
- 3am: ramen with peas.

Woke up: 12pm
Bedtime: 4:30am

Thoughts: Already glad I signed up for graze, because it meant I ate
something instead of skipping breakfast today. This morning was pretty
terrible-- I was supposed to go in to the office at 8, and just blatantly
didn't-- but it got better as the day went on. Except for utterly failing
at bedtime again.

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