Mar. 1st, 2013

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Making Money
- Scheduled an interview for the summer teaching job!
- 4 hours website development for MM: $80.

Living the Good Life
- Productivity time with my pal! Dealt with a lot of little fiddly emails
and such.
- Worked on my moon sonnet a bit.
- Went to Dagger with my lambkins and had a blast!

Eating Properly
- 11am: eggs, toast, salad with strawberries, coffee with cream and sugar.
- 1pm: an orange.
- 3pm: squash, carrots, green beans, pot de creme.
- 4pm: a bit of chocolate cake.
- 8pm: cheese sandwich, carrot sticks.
- 11pm: crab cake sandwich, french fries.

Woke up: 10am
Bedtime: 3am

Thoughts: I declare today to have been a Good Food Day, in which I planned
ahead to eat, ate a good variety of foods, and never went too long a
stretch hungry. If I can go seven Good Food Days in a row, I won't stop
tracking my food, but I will stop panicking about anorexia. So:

Good Food Days: 1

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