Mar. 2nd, 2013

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Making Money
- 3.5 hours at the office: $52.5.

Living the Good Life
- Had a fantastic evening with mon petit chien! We watched Top Hat and
Singin' in the Rain, and split a bottle of wine, and cuddled.

Eating Properly
- 1pm: oatmeal with chocolate chips, tea with milk and sugar.
- 5:30pm: apple juice.
- 7pm: sesame beef, thai iced tea, rather a lot of wine.
- 12am: tortilla chips.

Woke up: 12:30pm
Betime: 1am

Good Food Days: 2.

Thoughts: I felt bad for sleeping so late, but then my boss said she
wouldn't have been ready for me in the morning anyway, so I didn't even
regret taking the time for a long breakfast right when I first woke up. I
had be dreading the day, but once I got to the office it was great: I need
to remember that!

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