Mar. 3rd, 2013

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Being Productive
- Finally replaced the lightbulbs in the kitchen chandelier.
- Also finally scrubbed the mold in the bathroom.

Living the Good Life
- Got brunch with J and wandered around the art museum! Had a great time
catching up.
- Baked a butter pie!
- Watched Elementary with my sugarplum and drank tea and cuddled.
- Murder mystery dinner party!!!

Eating Properly
- 8am: leftover sesame beef, tea with milk and sugar.
- 11am: french toast casserole, fruit salad, tea with milk and sugar (x2).
- 6pm: chocolate tart, 'herby bread basket' graze snack, popcorn.
- 9pm: cabbage rolls, rice, Brussels sprouts, butter pie, lots of wine.

Woke up: 5am.
Betime: 2am.

Good Food Days: 3? I got pretty hungry before dinner, but I snacked well.
And I had three full meals.

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