Mar. 24th, 2013

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Getting Paid
- 1 hr working on a cover for MM: $20.

Making Myself Useful
- Cleaning: an hour in the kitchen!
- Reading all the things: 54 / 87. Ready to start Shakespeare.

Enjoying Myself
- Ohmigosh, I had SUCH a lovely morning reading two great fics-- the next
installment of Bel Canto <>,
and the unbearably perfect Fastening One Heart to Every Falling
(The more hockey RPF I read, the more I feel like I should... watch hockey.)
- Then I read even more fic.
- Worked on sonnets for a good while.

Eating Properly
- 1pm: oatmeal with milk and raisins, coffee with milk and cocoa powder.
- 8pm: experimental mustard egg sandwich (x2), chocolate.
- 1am: peppermint tea (x2), chocolate.
- 3am: chocolate chip bread pudding.

Woke up: 12:30pm.
Bedtime: 5am.

Good Food Days: 1?

Thoughts: I was so upset with myself yesterday about forgetting to eat, I
didn't even notice that I'd temporarily un-fucked my sleep schedule! Today
I woke up of my own accord at noon, and, okay, that meant I slept right
through the 10:30 haircut that I'd forgotten, but it also meant that I was
awake and eating breakfast while the sun was shining even though I could
have slept til 5pm.

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