Mar. 25th, 2013

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Getting Paid
- 45 min working on a different cover for MM: $15. So I guess I technically
worked over the weekend, but not really the way I needed to.

Making Myself Useful
- Cleaning: 15 minutes, mostly in the kitchen and dining room.
- Reading all the things: 54 / 87.

Enjoying Myself
- Went to brunch with lots of pals!
- Finally got a library card, and started listening to Jane Eyre!
- Read so much hockey RPF.

Eating Properly
- 10am: coffee with milk and sugar.
- 11am: lots of different egg things with veggies and a little bacon,
biscuits, tea.
- 6pm: grilled cheese and turkey sandwich, eggy in a basket, 'poached pear
w/ vanilla' graze snack, chocolate.

Woke up: 9:30am.
Bedtime: 1:30am

Good Food Days: 2

Thoughts: Flat tire!!! I will deal with it... tomorrow.

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