Mar. 27th, 2013

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Getting Paid
- FINALLY did video work for A - 6 hours: $90.
Hours worked so far this week: 10.

Making Myself Useful
- Cleaning: did a few dishes, but nothing much.
- Reading all the things: 54 / 87.

Enjoying Myself
- Had time to chat with my pal while working.
- Watched Foyle's War with my turtledove, the episode where Andrew's pilot
friend has a crush on him. So sad!

Eating Properly
- 10:30am: coffee with milk and sugar.
- 11:30am: one of my pal's excellent breakfast sandwiches, with greens and
cheese and an egg.
- 12:30pm: strawberries.
- 4pm: avocado with chips, chocolate chip cookie.
- 5pm: tea with milk and sugar.
- 8pm: pilfered pierogies, with cream cheese. Frying is scary!

Woke up: 10am.
Bedtime: 2:30am.

Good Food Days: 4.

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