Apr. 7th, 2013

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Getting Paid
- Worked at the office six hours yesterday, one hour the day before that.

Hours worked: 0
Total hours this week: 9.5

Being Productive
- Got my email inbox down to ZERO EMAILS!
- Took photos of my 'bread pudding for very lazy people' recipe.

Cleaning: puttered around for five minutes, cleared out the sink.
Read All The Things: 85 / 92

Having Fun
- Saw my sugarplum!

Eating Properly
- 4pm: egg sandwich.
- 6pm: tea with milk and sugar.
- 10pm: bread pudding (x2). Um. Whoops.
- 12am: fish (x2), peas.

Good Food Days: 13. Sure.

Woke up: 2pm

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