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So, I wrote a fic for Kanata's transfic mini-fest!

Prompt: Warehouse 13, any characters, transitioning with a little help from an Artifact: the good, the bad and the ugly
Warnings: None.
Words: 975

Intuition )


This is the first fic I've written in... a long time. And the first one I've posted since the last transfic mini-fest, I think, haha. It was an interesting process; I definitely want to get back in the saddle.

Af for the fic itself-- I really wanted to convey how Pete, specifically, would experience transitioning. I basically decided that Pete would have the same kinds of feelings I do (probably why I was drawn to Pete, ha), where it's not the words that are important but the experiences. Pete isn't interested in forming a narrative or an explanation. I tried to think of a girl's name but nothing sounded right, and again, that's the kind of external symbol that isn't necessarily too important to Pete. This is also why I stuck with male pronouns as long as I did.

I also tried to show the difference between Myka's dysphoria (when she's swapped with Pete) and Pete's dysphoria (when they're not swapped) -- I don't think Myka is the kind of person who could make it to adulthood without noticing she's trans, because of the way she deals with discomfort. Moreover, if she was trans, her transition would be the complete opposite of Pete's. (Probably why I wasn't drawn to Myka as my trans protagonist.)

I'm not really "current" on the show-- I think I'm somewhere mid season 2 on Netflix-- but I really enjoyed thinking about how these characters would experience things.

If only I could think of a title that wasn't abominable.

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