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So, I accidentally left my binding shirts in Italy. Terrible! I had to bind with Ace bandages for an entire week because FedEx was terrible. (I had work, and was just coming out at work, so tits weren't really an option.)

Anyway, when I ordered replacements, I picked different ones based on the issues I'd had with the first two I bought, and I thought I'd share my input for trans dudes coming after me!

Double Front Compression Suit (Style 997) - one of the two I had originally. Awkward/tiring to put on. Very effective binding. It was really long on me so the bottom tended to roll up. Tight pants would at least keep it from rolling all the way up, but the thick band around my hips would get painful. In looser pants, it would roll up to my natural waist; when this happens I'd double it up (difficult to explain!) for even more compression, but over time it would slip down so I'd have a huge bunch around my natural waist, which was uncomfortable. Possibly people with less exaggerated hourglass figures wouldn't have this problem. Overall, not a binder I felt I could use all day, but good for limited events.

Ultimate Chest Binder Suit (Style 967) - one of the two I had originally. Awkward/tiring to put on. Very effective binding. I particularly liked the way it slimmed my hips - it actually brought me a pant size down, which made it easier to find pants in my size! I also loved the fact that it didn't roll up, even in the built-in shorts felt a little silly. I could just put it on and not think about it. ...Until I had to pee. Since I don't use an STP I had to take off all my clothes to use the bathroom, which is prohibitively awkward in most public bathrooms! I'd often have to leave events early to get back to my own bathroom. So, for a different reason, this is another one that I didn't feel I could use all day.

Tri-Top Chest Binder (Style 983) - new. This is basically how I wore my Double Front Compression suit, except it's actually designed to be this size. It's much easier to put on with less fabric to deal this, and the triple-layer gives really great compression. It's also easier to adjust chest shape. Possibly due to my hourglass figure, the bottom of the shirt does sort of stick out, rather than fitting snugly, which can give a visible line in tighter shirts, but a looser button-down style doesn't seem to show it. When paired with the right shirt, I can wear this all day without needing awkward adjustments.

Power Compression Vest (Style 980) - new. This is SO EASY to put on. It's much lighter compression, but still enough for a low-dysphoria day. It's kind of a perfect 'lazy day' binder - easy to put on, easy to wear all day. It is long but I don't have as much trouble with rolling up, possibly because it's not as tight, possibly because the eyelets give it structure. I don't usually do up the last four or five clasps, which may help as well. The eyelets do kinda-sorta show through thinner shirts, but I can wear it with a wider range of clothes than the tri-top.

All-in-One Body Shirt (Style 994) - new. This feels ridiculous to wear, and it's not super-comfortable because it's much too small around the bum area (I was riiiight on the border for sizes and guessed small when I shouldn't have) but I can tell it's going to be a great all-day binder when I get a new one in the right size. The snaps just do not budge! Which means there's no worry of rolling up, but it's really easy to pee. And it's invisible under everything, unlike the other two new ones.

Overall, I think the all-in-one is going to be my 'staple' binder, the tri-top will be for extra-dysphoric days when I just really want that extra compression, and the vest will be for lazy days (or asthma days).

Yaaaaaaay binding!

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