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Robot art gallery investigation. Status: brainstorming.


Warehouse 13 transfic. Status: complete. Words: 975. Link.


Caleb Williams paper. Status: untouched thesis chapter. Needs revision.
Sense and Sensibility paper. Status: untouched thesis chapter. Needs revision.
Alexander Pope satire paper. Status: awful first draft. Needs more research.

Happy Trans Zine

May issue. Status: incomplete. Words: 2,544. Needs a little more original content. Also needs me to get off my ass and start assembling the physical zine.

This has really not been a good month for writing. I got a lot of work done on one fiction story at the start of the month, but didn't follow through like I wanted to. And the academic writing should have been pretty easy, but I never even started. I guess I'm glad I finished the fic, but I'm disappointed that I never got the zine together-- I've written most of it, I just have to actually start printing shit out. I'll adjust the intended release date to June and talk to A. about using her printing allocation. New goal: June 7.

Oh well. It's better than nothing, and June is a whole new month! Now that my parents have un-rescinded their graduation gift, I'm a little more financially stable, so I can dedicate more time to writing! And the June 750 words challenge should help, too. I'll check in again next month!

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