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I am not picky, but I thought it would be polite to tell you a little about why I love all of the things that I love so much!

A Little Princess - Frances Hodgson Burnett (Any)

I read a lot of very wholesome children's literature when I was young, and it kind of ended up taking the place of religion for me. This right here is the cornerstone of a significant portion of my moral values: be generous and polite, no matter what! Goodness is only meaningful because it's not easy! Respond to cruelty with a kind heart! I quite genuinely used "What would Sarah do?" as my moral compass when I was bullied in the fifth grade. (Sarah, it turns out, would read a lot of wholesome children's literature instead of trying to fit in.) I still re-read it every now and then for an infusion of moral strength.

In terms of fic, feel free to write about whatever characters or situations inspire you. Sarah doesn't even have to be present at all, if there's something you want to say about someone else. But I'd love the chance to wallow in that sense of goodness.


Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant (Georgia Mason, Shaun Mason)

Okay, so, this is the opposite of wallowing in goodness, hahaha! I'm kind of fascinated by the hints of incest. Like, I love the Shaun and Georgia dynamic SO MUCH, and I'm trying to decide if incest makes me love it even more, and the answer is "maybe". Sorry! You don't have to write me incest! Even if you do, porn isn't really on my radar; I just want more Shaun-George interaction. I love their bond, how it's strengthened by the post-apocalypse but also totally mundane sometimes, the way that even their flaws are in sync-- it would be great to see how that bond came about, or how it changes post-Feed.


MythBusters RPF (Jamie Hyneman)

I don't need only Jamie-- the world has more people in it than Jamie, and Adam in particular would be a logical addition-- but when I read MythBusters I'm always reading for Jamie. I'm trying to think of requests that are more useful/less cruel than "be [personal profile] toft", but I've always loved their stories in particular for bringing out all the ways that Jamie can remind me of my favourite little brother: some social obliviousness/awkwardness/difference, a good heart, and lots of useful science. I'm quite fond of slash, and of Grant, Kari, and Tory, but it's Jamie who always puts a smile on my face.


From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - E. L. Konigsburg (Any)

Returning to the 'formative books of my childhood' category, I really loved running-away-from-home books in which kids were totally competent in the woods (I was maybe not always the happiest child at home), but I always struggled to imagine myself actually living their lives. This book, however, was perfect for me. It allowed me to indulge my daydreams of leaving home, without leaving behind two of the most important things in my life: 1, my little brother; and 2, indoor plumbing. I couldn't think of anything more idyllic than living in a museum as a kid, especially if I got to tag along on lectures all the time. I'd love to have more of those little details of day-to-day life, clever ways of solving survival problems in a modern urban environment. Or, it would also be fascinating to see the kids returning to the museum as adults.


Overall, like I said, I'm not too picky! It's already a delight to have a tiny bit more of something I love so dearly. I want to see what you love, too! This is my first Yuletide, and I am SO EXCITED. I can't wait to read everything!!

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