Feb. 16th, 2013

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Making Money
- 2.5 hours typesetting the dashes and italics in M's book. $50.
- 2.5 hours figuring out the footage for my project for A. $37.5.
(Wow, the difference between $15 and $20 an hour feels so much bigger
than it seems like it ought to.)

Living the Good Life
- Watched Tabletop.
- Read fanfic (but then felt guilty about the wasted time, augh)

Eating Properly
- 2pm: bowl of mixed veggies, tilapia, tea with milk and sugar.
- 4pm: tea with milk and sugar (x2), chocolate chips.
- 1am: three eggs, scrambled, with cheese and mixed veggies. And a donut!

Woke up: 12:45pm
Bedtime: 3:30am

Thoughts: Today was a rough day. I skipped the office mostly by
accident, and then had no momentum for the rest of the day. I kind of
salvaged it by heading to the library at 6pm, after I met A to get
paid, but I don't like working so late. I think I'm secretly a morning
person after all... and an extrovert, since the other half of my
problem was not talking to anyone today. But now it's the weekend, and
I have lots planned, and hopefully also some time to clean the

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