Feb. 19th, 2013

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Making Money
- 4 hours at the office: $60. Made some progress on the B-roll, not as
much as I'd like.
- Applied for a job teaching multimedia stuff.

Living the Good Life
- Finished A Deeper Season, started on the sequel.
- Made reservations for birthday tea on Wednesday!

Eating Properly
- 12pm: three slices french toast.
- 6pm: cranberry juice, string cheese (x2).
- 9:30pm: two chocolates from my sugarplum.
- 10:30pm: creamed spinach, fish sticks, tea with milk and sugar (x2).
- 3am: ramen, chocolate.

Woke up: 11am.
Bedtime: 4am.

Thoughts: Today was not so good. I guess this is what happens when I
put off taking my T for two days... I get grouchy and unmotivated, so
I don't clean and I don't eat well, making me grouchier and more
unmotivated. BUT! Tomorrow is my birthday, and my favourite boss is
taking me out to lunch, so it will be a great day!!

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