Mar. 9th, 2013

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Being Productive
- 1 hr meeting with MM: $20
- 4 hours at the office/ shooting: $60.
- Got both my recommendation letters for Durham!!

Living the Good Life
- Saw my sugarplum, and chatted and watched music videos and ate together.
- Watched the new Doubefine video, and Strip Search.

Eating Properly
- 12pm: glass of milk.
- 3:30pm: string cheese (x2).
- 5pm: coffee with sugar.
- 8pm: chocolate chips.
- 9pm: pizza with pineapple and mushrooms, apple juice, oranges.
- 12am: grits with milk and sugar.

Woke up: 11:30am.
Bedtime: 3am.

Good Food Days: 0.

Thoughts: I was all over the place day and got a lot done, but wow did I
ever fail on the food front.

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