Mar. 15th, 2013

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Being Productive
- Put away the dishes.
- Worked on my pal's website.
- Finished making my turtledove's birthday present.

Living the Good Life
- Got dinner with friends.
- Watched Foyle's war with my turtledove, and hung out and chatted.
- Watched Strip Search.

Eating Properly
- 1pm: tea with milk and sugar.
- 6pm: Indian food - potatoes with poori, rice.
- 11pm: remainder of the Indian food, leftover fish, tea.
- 5am: coffee with milk and sugar.
- 12pm: three eggs, scrambled, with cheese; tea with milk and sugar; tums.

Woke up: 12pm Wednesday.
Bedtime: 8pm Thursday.

Good Food Days: ??? I think the utter fucked-up-ness of my sleep schedule
makes it impossible to pretend that I am eating normally. Also, I kept
letting myself get way too hungry. So I guess it restarts to 0.

Thoughts: Ahahaha. I was trying to stay up all night and all day to reset
my sleep schedule, and then on a whim I roadtripped to Georgia starting at
around 8pm. Let's just... start everything over.

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