Mar. 28th, 2013

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Getting Paid
- 1 hour at the office in the morning. Finally done with the history video!
- Went in to the library to do more work for A: 1hr 15min.
Hours worked so far this week: 12.25

Making Myself Useful
- Cleaning: none.
- Reading all the things: 54 / 87.

Living the Good Life
- Got my hair cut!
- Watched Elementary and Downton Abbey with my sugarplum.
- Bumped into a friend and had an impromptu talk-about-research-over-tea
session on my way out of the library-- super fulfilling!
- Starting catching up on Coursera.

Eating Properly
- 11am: coffee with milk and sugar.
- 3pm: three eggs, fried, on bread; coffee with sugar; bread with chocolate
peanut butter.
- 8pm: 'tropical daiquiri' graze snack.
- 1am: eggy chocolate chip pancakes.

Woke up: 10am.
Bedtime: 2am.

Good Food Days: 5? I'm going to call it, because I wasn't really hungry
throughout the day, and I did eat my snacks when I was stranded.

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