Mar. 29th, 2013

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Getting Paid
- A: 2.5 hrs, between editing and meeting.
- DDA: 1hr 45 minutes, got the next video completely ready to launch.

Total hours worked this week: 14 and 45min.
(Unpaid work: 1hr 45min.)

Making Myself Useful
- Cleaning: none.
- Reading all the things: 59 / 89. Working my way through Shakespeare.

Living the Good Life
- Had a little time to chat and hang out with my pal, but she seemed pretty
unhappy today.

Eating Properly
- 11am: breakfast sandwich from my pal.
- 1:30pm: cookie, orange, coffee with milk and sugar.
- 3pm: cucumber sandwich, half a kiwi.
- 8pm: falafel, courtesy of my pal.

Woke up: 10:30am.
Bedtime: 9:30pm

Good Food Days: 6.

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